#MompreneurMonday The Must Have Accessory

Happy New Year!!! The 31st was my birthday and I bought something that every mompreneur must have! This accessory has already begun saving my life. 

If you’re like me then a lot of your business is done online or you vend at events and use your phone to collect payments. Then there are the regular days where you’re on the move. With two kids 11 and 6 I’m on the go a lot. 

I write books on my cell phone, send invoices from my cell phone and I need my battery functioning at all times. 

That’s not always feasible, there’s isn’t always an outlet available and to be honest I am a forgetful woman, so I don’t even carry my charger all the time. Then I discovered this swanky little wristlet with a charger. 

$20 at Old Navy

I can charge my phone on the go. It’s easy to stow in a large bag, slap on my wrist for a quick errand, or when I’m trying to look cute. This is a must have accessory for a #mompreneur expanding her social media territory. Whether  you blog on the go or run an online boutique from the palm of your hand you need this wristlet. 

Speaking of must haves for 2017 come back next week when I drop dime about all the apps I use to save time and build my biz on road. 

If you grab one let me know how it works out for you and tag me in a pic or two.