#WriterWednesday: Warning RWW is Prohibited

About two weeks ago one of my colleagues opened her email to show me the first few pages of a novel she’d begun a long time ago and had since abandoned. She wasn’t sure if there was any way her manuscript could be turned into a novel. The more we discussed it I realized why her few pages of writing couldn’t become more than the few pages saved to her email–she had been RWW (Revising While Writing)

Revising While Writing is Prohibited. 

If you keep mulling over your work trying to create the perfect opening you’ll never craft the perfect closing. 
The longer you spend revising paragraphs you’ll never complete a chapter. 

Warning yellow tape with tunnel as backgroundMost writers who step away from their work for an extended period of time are usually prone to revising while writing. I know exactly how it happens you leave the story unattended while dealing with your real life and then when you return and read what you’ve written you slap yourself in the face and reprimand yourself for writing such crap. Then you start rewriting. 


Revising While Writing is Prohibited.

Now, here’s how you curb that. When you step away from your work in progress don’t reread the entire chapter before you start writing. Reread the last two sentences you wrote or the last paragraph if you need more context before you continue. Then write. Don’t make adjustments, play with the words, or give your rebellious heroine a nose ring. Focus on advancing the story instead of rearranging the story.

You can tackle your major issues later.

What are some of the major issues you have with your writing? Leave them in the comments section so, we can tackle them before you’re done.