Praise the Lord and Hello World

Praise ye the Lord and bless His Holy Namepraise

I can’t help but offer up a praise as I sit down to type my very first post on my own website. This is not my first venture into the world of blogging. I am the author of The Carpenter’s House an inspirational blog for those looking for a place on the web to nurture the Holy Spirit in them or invite Him in. However, this site is the very first time that I am writing as a published author or should I say soon to be published author. My very first novel, Born at Dawn will be in stores October 2014.

Until then I will be keeping you posted with exclusive content, previews to the work, and my musings on my career in the world of writing. Until then stay blessed and buy some books. Below are some authors who I recommend:

Michelle Stimpson

Rhoda McKnight

E.N. Joy

Berta Coleman

Norma L. Jarrett

Booker T. Mattison

Pat Simmons

Michelle Lindo-Rice

Paulette Harper

Vanessa Miller