#WriterWednesday: Workshops, Webinars, Oh My!

Workshop - letters on wooden desk with laptop computer and a notebook. 3d render illustration.

Are you ready to teach a workshop? Want to start a webinar series? Of course you’re saying why on earth would I do that, Nigeria I’m still trying to figure how to sell books. That’s just it a workshop is an excellent way to sell books without selling books, establish or grow your brand, and monetize yourself.

I just came back from the BWABC Literacy Festival in Memphis where I hosted a workshop alongside my #soulsis Unoma Nwankwor. We covered the challenges of writing–I dealt with the practical stuff: time management and marketing and Unoma tackled the creative stuff: research is not writing, overcoming your mood, etc.

Lesson #1

Things never go according to plan (but God always provides a ram in the bush).

Early on we contacted the event organizer’s assistant about a projector. We were told we needed to bring our own. Of course, neither one of us own a travel size projector. We scrambled and to get copies of our presentations made unsure of how many people would be in attendance. Turned out we made enough copies and then the ram in the bushMichelle Stimpson showed up with a projector and allowed us to use it. Yasssss! Thank you, Jesus!

Lesson #2

Have fun. Simply enjoy yourself. If you’re not enjoying the moment the people in attendance won’t.

Lesson #3

Be genuine. Your brand is not only a statement you make up about yourself but how you leave people feeling after that.

Lesson #4

Don’t give them too much. Leave a little room for them to still want to pick your brain if your plan to monetize what you do.

Now to answer the question you’re dying to ask me: Is it worth it?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • Traffic to both of my sites–www.nigerialockley.com and www.inheritancebooks.co has increased–making this an opportune time to launch my paid workshops and lead into my webinar series for 2016. I’ll be doing at least one webinar before 2015 closes.
  • I’ve gained credibility. The workshop was held at a well-known literary event.
  • I had a great time and one of the established authors in attendance even posted a remark on Facebook about my lesson on branding. (Woot! Woot!)

Now it’s time to get you moving. Is there a particular topic you’d like the Neophyte Author to help you with? What are your writing challenges and struggles? Do you need help creating your own workshops? Post you answer in the comments below and your topic may the focus of my first webinar.