#MompreneurMonday Top 2 Reasons Your Business is Struggling

It’s the first quarter and you may already be feeling overwhelmed by your bustling business or drowning in it. There are really two reasons why you’re struggling. 

No, it’s not because you don’t have enough engagement and nor is it because you don’t have enough exposure. They would both make it better, but here are the real reasons. 

You’ve either failed to plan for increased exposure and engagement or you’ve created a plan that you are not fully executing. 

So, here’s the deal, planning may seem daunting and it may seem like you don’t have the time to plan, but you are wasting your time by not sitting down and creating a cohesive plan. Trust me, I’ve lived in that space and that is such a waste of energy and effort. You’ll be doing 5,001 things and not seeing any real results. 

Have you been there??? Are you still living in this non-planning or haphazard planning space??? Download the 1st quarter of the Passion and Purpose Planner to see how easy it is to plan for your passion and purpose.

Click on the photo for access to the Passion and Purpose Planner

You waste your time even further by not actually executing the plan. Stop abandoning the plans you sit down and create or allowing the craziness that sometimes goes on when motherhood and business collide. 

Don’t worry, the Passion and Purpose Planner combines your planning for spiritual growth and cyberspace domination for your business. 

Speaking of worrying, what’s your biggest worry or fear when it comes to planning or the biggest problem you have when it comes to planning? Let’s talk about it so we can solve it. 

Ready. Set.Goal.

This post is a bit of a drive-by. There’s no lengthy commentary that I have–I’m just dropping by to share a little goody with you all.

For those of you who don’t know, in addition to being an author I run Inheritance Books, which publishes books that entertain and edifies and develops resources for the creative entrepreneur. That’s been keeping me busy and I wanted to share one of the resources we developed–the Goal Setting Sheet. You can type directly into the worksheet or print it out. The Goal Setting Sheet walks you through setting goals for your personal and/or professional life: Goal_Setting_Sheet.

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