#WriterWednesday: Periscope for Writers Branding and Building a Community

Just when you think you’ve gotten a handle on your social media management another app pops up. I’ve never really done a post about social media before, but I really want to talk about this new app, Periscope ( I LOVE IT).

What is it?

Periscope is an app for streaming live video. As you record your followers can tune in. They can comment on the broadcast periscopeas you stream and they can share your broadcast with their followers on Twitter or their followers on Periscope. Within the app the replay of your broadcast is only available for twenty-four hours. There is another app called katch me  or periscopevault.com in which your broadcasts can be replayed. 

Is it for Writers?

Yes!!! It’s your own channel. You can talk about your books, talk about writing, talk about crocheting. Whichever way you use it make sure that your scopes are consistent with your brand. I write Christian Fiction, so it would be totally crazy for a viewer to log on and find me on there talking about how worried and stressed out I am. I’ve basically been dividing my ‘scopes into book ‘scopes and my faith ‘scopes. I am not too technical with my ‘scopes, but there are several others who you should follow that are using Periscope to build there brand and share their brand message. 

Building a Community

Since Periscope is so new you can establish you own community and expose your work to new readers. Periscope is not dependent on your Facebook friends following you or your followers from any other network. This is a place for you to network with new authors and readers. Hashtags are currency on Periscope. Add hashtags to the title of your broadcast to put yourself in front of new a readers. Be sure to engage with the viewers as they comment on your post. 

I Don’t Want  to Set Up a New Account

You don’t have to. Periscope is connected to Twitter. You don’t need to establish a new profile and every time you ‘scope the app automatically sends out a tweet to your followers. So, you don’t have any excuses. 

Who to Follow

So, you want tips on using Periscope. ]If you’re on there already but expand your network and community or you want to get a feel for the app before actually ‘scoping follow the people below. Of course you’ve got to follow The Neophyte Author.


Tiphani Montgomery @TiphaniMontgomery (entrepreneur)

Shelley Hitz @shelleyhitz (author coach)

Lashaunda Hoffman @SORMAG (author coach and book promoter)  

Are you on Periscope? Drop your handle below and what you ‘scope about in the comments.

A Good Cause


Join me and Theresa A. Campbell at the Barnes & Noble Book Fair on

Saturday, December 6, 2014 at 2:30 pm.

A portion of the profits from this event will go towards the Yonkers Public Library. book fair

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Fast to Bring Our Daughters Back

“For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and thy father’s house shall be destroyed: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” Mordecai spoke these words to Esther after asking her to get the king to do something about the decree issued to murder all the children of Israel in the land. I keep hearing these words each time I look at the images of the mothers in Nigeria crying and begging an unstable government that is apparently incapable of protecting their people from terrorist to bring their daughters back.  free our girls

Approximately two weeks ago over two hundred Nigerian girls were kidnapped from their school. Reports have been made that some of the girls have already been sold into marriage or sexual slavery. Generally, I steer clear of politics and I have never undertaken any type of project related to anything that looked political, but this isn’t political this heart breaking. I can’t stand by and watch this happen and I hope that you feel the same. While our Secretary of State John Kerry has stated that the U. S. will help support the Nigerian government in getting these girls back home; he has not explained how and when this aid would come. They can’t wait.

I don’t know Kerry and I don’t Obama. Even if I did I doubt that I could have reached them fast enough to help these girls, however I know the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and I know that He is concerned about whatever concerns me. I believe that we have been prepared for a time such as this.

Please join me in a three day fast for the safe and speedy return of these girls.

The fast would begin tomorrow, Sunday, May 4th-Wednesday, May 7. During those three days let us lift our voices to the Lord Jesus Christ and watch Him move on their behalf. 

If you would like to join me please post your prayers in the comments section and be sure to share this with your friends and family until there are at least two hundred people fasting for each one of these girls. 

If you aren’t going to join me please share and repost this anyway. 

More Than Monday featuring Nikki Gwinn of Beyond Kids Foundation and Rich Girls Chocolate

This Monday the Neophyte Author is pleased to introduce you a CEO who is using her passion to effect change in the lives of young people through her fashion forward foundation, Beyond Kids Foundation, in Stamford, CT. Beyond Kids helps foster creativity and educate kids who want to get involved with the fashion industry. Besides ensuring that the future of fashion is solidified Nikki works hard at offering up couture chocolates for the woman who not only has a flair for fashion, but would like some flavor to savor as well. And she’s a mom. 

It takes a certain individual to work with children and it takes a certain kind of person assess a need and create the solution for it. Nikki is a blend of both. Take a peek at how Nikki Gwinn of Beyond Kids Foundation and Rich Girls Chocolate makes moves and maintains her home, to get “more than” out of every experience. 

Nikki, what motivated you to open a not-for-profit organization?

photo 2 Fashion has always been a passion of mine since my early childhood days. I’ve always been inspired to advocate for the youth, educate, empower, and instill confidence in the youth pertinent to fashion design and modeling. I look forward to bringing education growth and creative experiences to the youth.

How do you get through the difficult days of managing a foundation and working with at-risk youth? 

photo 3There always going to be obstacles and challenges we face throughout any journey, but positivity and keeping the faith is what encourages me. My program is a fun program so youth in general enjoy the curriculum and are intrigued by it. My belief and model has always been no child should be left behind. Having the ability to bring out the creativity within our youth and being able to teach them the adolescences of life inspires me to keep going.

In addition to running Beyond Kids you also run a specialty chocolate business. What prompted you to open another business in such a different field?

They are two different fields, but they both relate to fashion. Chocolate was something I used to eat in college to comfort me photo 4when I was designing. I had a best friend who specialized in making chocolate lollipops, but nothing pertaining to fashionable three dimensional chocolate. So, I decided why not invest into making fashionable accessorized pure chocolate candy called, Rich Girls Chocolate. Rich Girls Chocolate specializes in handmade premium chocolate. We offer a large variety of award-winning fashionable chocolate candy. We have a a wide selection of gifts whether it’s for a special business client, a loved one, to celebrate a holiday, or an event. We have many years of creativity design experience. If you don’t see exactly what you need, we cater to each of our customers, and provide them with personalized customer service to ensure their satisfaction! 

Do you find it hard to strike a balance between your professional and personal life? What do you do to maintain that balance?

Absolutely, as a single mom of two boys, I have a 19 year old who is currently in college and a 6 year old that I love dearly and wouldn’t trade them in for the world but they are very supportive and understanding. I make sure that I incorporate time in my schedule to ensure that I am being a mommy. My children are aware that they can utilize me as a resource, and I am someone who will always care. I have always managed to be a very active parent, which I think is important. Interacting with your kids is imperative whether it’s over the phone, or in person. I have learned to separate my personal life from my professional life, it truly boils down to how you manage your time.

What advice would you give to any woman reading this who desires to be “more than”?

There are always going to be trials and tribulations you’re going to face. Be strong-minded, never give up, and if you fail, then try again! Motivation, perseverance, and integrity are the keys to success.

photo 1

For those of you want to help develop the future of fashion by either enrolling your child donating your time, resources (materials or finacial support) contact Nikki Gwinn of Beyond Kids Foundation at beyondkidsfoundation@gmail.com *Beyond Kids is a not-for-profit foundation





photo 5 (1)

After doing your good deed get decadent with some customized chocolates from Rich Girls Chocolate

If you know a woman whom you believe should be featured in More Than Monday please feel free to nominate a woman by sending her information including where she can be reached at to the Neophyte Author at nigerialockley@hotmail,com with “More Than” in the subject line.