Collaborate Like Cardi

Sooooo, I kicked 2018 off by teaching a visibility and relelvancy series on Facebook. Last night’s lesson was on Getting Comfortable with Colloboration if you want to remain visible and relevant between projects. This also happened last night.


That’s right Carbi B and Bruno Mars teamed up and dropped a dope ode to the 90s video. Now for those of you side eyeing me for even supporting, celebrating, and using Carbi B as a teaching point because you don’t like her messaging–you’ve been focusing on the wrong thing for so long you missed the methods and all the lessons she’s been teaching us on how to get this schmoney. For those of you who are concerned about what I’m watching you should be more concerned about how I’m walking (stay focused).

Cardi B closed out 2017 with two major collabos and opened 2018 with an awesome collaboration. If you want to elevate your brand in 2018 you better learn to collaborate like Cardi B. The method can be broken like this visibility + versatility = coins.

Here are 3 Tips to Help You Start Collaborating Like Cardi:

1. Each collaboration that Cardi B has been featured in has showcased the Trap Selena in either a different genre or a different side of Cardi as an artist demonstrating she isn’t a one trick pony. Do your collaborations allow you show your versatility?

2. With the exception of Cardi’s collaboration with Bruno Mars. She thoroughly promoted each collabo, by sharing snippets, footage, and thanking them. Bruno pulled a fast action move and dropped the video just when she started prompting it, but it worked. They’re trending and after the trend comes the checks. What’s your promotion strategy look like after you secure strategic collaborations?

3. Each collaboration has been with an artist that is at the top of their game or will introduce Cardi to a new and more diversified audience. Who are the influencers, authors, and brands that you should be collaborating with. Have you been talking to the same people online everyday and wondering why your PayPal isn’t blinging? It’s time for you to start collaborating like Cardi.

I don’t know what your goals for 2018 are, but if you clicked on the link to this blog or you’re following me then I know that one of your goals is to glow up. However, you have not been able to get in front of the right people to support your vision, you don’t want to waste time on investing in tactics that don’t make sense, and don’t fit your brand.

That’s why I’m hosting the Collaborate Like Cardi Masterclass. This step-by-step Collaborate Like Cardimasterclass will show you exactly how to easily identify which collaborations are key for your brand, exactly what you should showcase in these collaborations to increase your conversions, and how to gain collaborations even when no one is looking for you.  Register for this class and start creating the collaborations you need to collect more coins in 2018, immediately. 

To Blog or Not to Blog? That is the question–and how often?


I hope the holidays were all that you expected them to be. They were wonderfully busy and exciting for me. I survived my very first professional photoshoot (pics coming soon). It was great and I highly recommend BJ Enright for any of your photography needs. He rocks!

ImageMy next major task in building a platform and connecting with my audience as a budding author is to establish my online presence. The recommendations: Pin it on PinInterest (right now I’m not interested), twitter, Facebook author page (Done. Make sure you like it), and blog. How often? Everyday. Everyday? 

Apparently, blogging everyday or at least multiple times a week will help us, you and I establish some sort of relationship. I don’t know if I buy that. If I’m anointed and appointed won’t the Lord direct you to me and me to you? Won’t my work connect us? My other apprehension is I honestly don’t know if I can hack it (Please stop whispering Philippians 4:13). I’m already way behind on updating my other blog, The Carpenter’s House. How on earth can I possibly manage another and should I? The only way for me to answer that was to see what other author’s are doing. What I found was most of the big dogs, our literary sheros, Michelle Stimpson, Reshonda Tate Billingsley, Kimberla Lawson Roby, and Terry McMillian for example are not blogging daily or even every week in some cases. Most do use in some form of social media (that they seem to genuinely enjoy) for interacting with their readers and they all have newsletters (coming soon). Now these women have books on shelves in book stores I just have books in my heart, so I’m still stuck wondering what to do and when to do it. I’m a writer, hence I enjoy writing and I will do it whenever possible however, my heart’s desire is that whatever I write is edifying and engaging to my readers rather than mindless prattle (is that a word?). In order to do that I’ve got to know how often you’d like to hear from this Neophyte author? 

I invite you to help me solve my conundrum. To blog or not to blog? That is the question–and how often?