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3 Lessons from Kevin Durant’s Win

Y’all know I don’t even blog on a Tuesday, but that Golden State win was blog worthy for anyone who is passionate about taking a non-traditional career path. I particularly wanna talk about what I learned watching KD (Kevin Durant) for those of you who are not fluent in basketball (and don’t feel bad I only know a little basketball). 

So, here’s the back story for those who don’t know and for those who do don’t judge my sketchy details. Durant used to play for OKC the team was great, but couldn’t win a ring. He left and people accused him of chasing a ring and not being loyal…blah…blah…blah 

Since GSW are celebrating a win that means he chased that ring in the right direction and here are three things we can learn from his pursuit. 

Three lessons from KD’s win:
1️⃣ To level up sometimes means you have to leave the space and place where you’re most comfortable. You might be functioning well there, but are you fulfilled? Yes, Durant, Westbrook, and the bearded one were an awesome trio, but they couldn’t take him where he wanted to go. Many people criticized his decision, but it looks like a smart choice. Be careful when listening to critics because most often the people criticizing you can’t get you where you want to go, but will be quick to tell you how to get there. 

Kevin Durant Photo Credit: Salt Lake Tribune

2️⃣ Be appreciative enough of the gift to be humble and wise enough to know you’re gifted and conduct yourself as such. In the face one of basketball’s greats, Bron Bron KD didn’t falter or faint. There was no time for to think man he’s great I wish I was too. He played in his greatness. 

3️⃣ Because you’ve lost before doesn’t mean you can’t ever win. Stay in the game.  

Now when you’re ready to stop playing by the rules you usually play by and ready to work with a winning team to #getyourInheritance book a Publishing Pow-Wow and evaluate your marketing game, so you can bring home the championship. 

Did you learn anything from last night’s game or the series? Share your insight with me.

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#MompreneurMonday Growing Pains

Your growth will seem outrageous to some and contagious to others. This new terrain will be difficult to navigate, but those are just growing pains. 

The same way when you experienced a growth spurt as an adolescent and certain clothes no longer fit your body type or matched your persona you’ll experience that in business and personally as well. And you know what? 

It’s okay. Seriously it’s okay. 

Roll with the changes. If that means rebranding do it. I started adding more colors to my scheme because that where I am in my walk and my talk has to match my walk. This is my business and my brand. I have to be as comfortable in it as I can and the same holds true for you. 

Give yourself space and time to align what’s going on in your mind with what you are trying to execute. That may mean saying goodbye to old systems that aren’t generating results even if they’re conviennt. 

I just trashed my entire mailing list. You know why, because I wasn’t in that space anymore and I’ve learned new things. 

As the Bible tell us you can’t pour new wine into old bottles. This may also mean removing the people in your life who don’t encourage your growth. Everyone on your team should inspire you to do greater things. I don’t mean that in a competitive way, but I mean that in terms of self-realization. The people you socialize with should be encouraging and prompting you to use your gifts more. 

If they don’t that’s not the crew for you. 

It may hurt to get rid of systems and people that you are used to, but if the people around you or your environment don’t match the growth taking place in your mind you will never move from this place and space. 

In our lives everyone around us is entitled to grow–the kids, our spouse, even the dog. 

Guess what? 

So are you. 

What are you going to do enjoy the  shift happening and embrace the growth? 

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#WriterWednesday All Eyes on Me: Virtual Book Tour

Let’s break it down a bit for those who don’t know about Virtual Book Tours. A virtual book tour is when an author visits blogs, radio shows, writes guest post, etc. to share their latest work with readers during a specific period of time. The length is up to you–one week, two weeks, a month.

This your can take place before the release of your book, when the book is released, or after the release of your book. 


You have two options–hire someone to organize your tour for you or organize it yourself. Every virtual book tour I’ve been on I organized myself because at the time I didn’t have the budget. 

DYI Tips
Organize, organize, organize. If you’re not well connected in the publishing world or know a bunch of bloggers and radio show host then you’re going to have get organized, well in advance. Most bloggers schedule posts in advance and they are not going to break their timeline for you.You need to start arranging the tour six months in advance. If you don’t know many bloggers or want to step outside of your comfort zone visit Book Blogger Directory to find bloggers in your genre.

Also, be prepared to be rejected. Some bloggers will not want you, your content, or book. If you’re not going to be spending money on this tour you better be prepared to spend time putting this tour together.

  • Beware of sites in which you have to pay to be featured on their website. Yes, this a promo tour and sometimes you have to pay for promotion, but paying to be featured on a blog is a little sketchy unless that blogger has a huge audience with some guaranteed results.
  • Some radio shows charge for guests. Don’t be afraid to ask for stats and demographics. If they can’t prove they have a diverse listening audience that includes you ideal reader. Keep your coins and move on to the next one. 
  • Create graphics for free using Canva, Pic Monkey, Be Funky, or Ribbet
  • Select several different excerpts so that your fans, followers, and friends can have a rich experience while following the tour. 
  • Try to do guest post with content connected to the book and of interest to the blog audience. Those posts usually generate lots of hits. 

Know your purpose. A blog tour is to create awareness and announce your presence. Don’t go crazy if after you’ve organized this phenomenal tour the only person who buys a copy of your book is your grandmother in Toledo. People cannot purchase something that they don’t know about. A Virtual Book Tour is your introduction to them. 

Have you organized your own virtual book tour before? Share your experiences in the comments. If you haven’t tried one yet make sure you come back and let me know how it goes.

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Flashlight Moments In the Dark Series Presents: Nigeria Lockley

Today is a special day! I’m featured on a special blog today! I’m a guest on my #soulsis Unoma Nwankwor’s blog today. Go check out my interview and find out how I Glow In the Dark.

Fusing Faith, Romance and African Spice

If you have been folowing me for a while you would be no stranger to Nigeria Lockley or as I like to call her sissy. She is my adopted online sister and business bestie. So you know I couldn’t do a series without having her on here to give you her insight. I could talk about her all day long but let me step aside so you could read for yourself.

Unoma : Who is Nigeria Lockley?

Nigeria : Nigeria Lockley is a child of the most High God, unapologetically walking in her passion and purpose. In the past whenever I would answer questions like this I would always rattle of a bunch of titles until I realized that being my titles are not where my identity lies. My identity is in my creator.

Unoma: In 10 words or less can you create a quote that describes you and your…

View original post 751 more words

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#MompreneurMonday Transparency: 3 Questions to Ask Before Baring it All

Transparency is a hot ticket word for entrepreneurs and personal brands using social media. As a mompreneur I’m sure you want to build a banging, transformative brand, but you don’t want to look like a messy reality star in the process. 

So, how do you determine which personal battle should be shared and which one remain in the record books? 

Ask yourself these 3 questions to determine how transparent you should need to be:

1️⃣ Can your audience’s life or business be improved by it? 

If they can’t bank off it–build new programs around it, write about it, improve their mindset or work ethic from what you’re about to share then this story probably should remain personal.  Don’t share for shock value or just because you see everyone doing it. 

2️⃣ Have you healed or recovered from the experience yet? 

If it’s too raw sometimes sharing might be therapeutic for you, but in the long run it won’t build up your audience or your bottom line. Instead you’ll wind up looking messy and unprofessional while sharing if you’re still caught up in the heat of things. 

3️⃣ Is suppressing this experience a direct contradiction or in opposition of what you teach? 

If you’re teaching women about finances and your families money is in shambles, girl bye! You better spill the beans ’cause when we find out the truth we are going to demand a refund even if your products work for us. 

How do you determine how transparent you should be with your audience??? 

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#WriterWednesday March Edition of the Boost Your Brand Challenge 

If you’re anything like I was when I started writing, you were ready to write, ready to see sales, connect with readers, and see some of the action that everyone was saying social media could take me to the next level. 

Only that didn’t happen right away. 
It didn’t happen until I started making an organized concerted effort to Boost My Brand. Now I’m sharing the tools that I used to Boost My Brand. 
Are you tired of having a headache? 
Low engagement and low sales making you doubt your skills or the reason you even started writing?

All the marketing gurus telling you stuff, but not telling you how to implement? 

That means it’s time for you get creative and Boost Your Brand. 
Take control of your branding and marketing efforts while having fun is truly possible. You don’t have to do what I do the way I do it, but you can learn the tips and tricks that have helped me create a thriving author brand. 
“This challenge was so power packed..Nigeria Lockley truly delivered value…no fluff and made me discover ways to boost my author and inspirational brands that I didn’t know before.” Abigaelle Coly, February Boost Your Brand Participant
Doors are now open for the March 17 Ways to Boost Your Brand Challenge. Doors close on the 16th and we start promptly on the 17th. Get in where you fit in and prepare to #GetyourInheritance
Small action leads to big success. Building your author brand, marketing, and promoting it won’t be easy especially when you either do a smattering of things here and there or take huge sweeping actions and then stop. 
I know you just want to write the books; that’s all any of us want to do. However, there’s this moment where writing the books  isn’t enough and you actually want to sell the books. 

Before sales can kickoff you have to tackle brand recognition. If that’s been your struggle then I have something for you. 

The 17 Ways to Boost Your Author Brand in 2017 Challenge. 

Take this 17 Day challenge: 

  • Boost your brand’s visibility. 
  • Increase your brand’s promotional efforts effortlessly.
  • Increase engagement.
  • Increase your brand’s influence and income.

On 3/17 the Challenge kicks off, but you can register now.

That’s low investment of $34 will yield high returns. By Day 2 she had 3 months of content. 

3 Months of Content 😲😲😲

Blog content being written and published. Immediately!

I gave her a road map for her funnel.

Transform your mindset about promoting and marketing your brand. 
Branding and marketing doesn’t have to give you a headache. 
Searching for and connecting with your ideal audience shouldn’t feel like attending a series of several bad blind dates. 
Stop feeling under dressed for the occasion.

Jump in and take the challenge. Click here to take the 17 Ways to Boost Your Brand in 2017 Challenge
When you sign up for the Brand Challenge you will gain access to my secret group Make Your Mark. 
I hope to see you on the 17th. 

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#MompreneurMonday: What’s it Going to Cost You? 

I’m sure you’ve seen tons of digital entrepreneurs boasting that they can teach you how to start a business with little to no money at all. However, as a good friend once said to me, “Everything comes with a cost.” There’s a price that must be paid for every single thing that you invest in especially starting a business. 

This weekend after a discussion about balance with my husband I realized that I had to deal with the unwritten costs that many don’t discuss neither do they offer tips about how to get around them. The time, the egos, and emotions of those in your family are a very real yet intangible things that cost you a lot when you’re trying to start up. 

Mompreneurs, before you reach the point where you realize you can’t afford your business and the intangibles here are a couple of tips: 

1. Take regularly scheduled days off. Your 9 to 5 gave you two days off. During those two days your family could count on seeing your smiling face and doing fun things. Don’t deprive them of that. 

2. For the kids–allow them to work with you when and where feasible. You’ll still be spending time together and hitting your bottom line. If you’re not sure if that would work for you check out 4 Reasons to Get Your Kids Involved with Your Biz.

3. Talk to your husband about your products, projects, progress, and goals more often. Try to help him understand what you are doing. If he has any skills that are related to what you do, then get him involved so that you’re working and spending time together. 

4. Accept that you can’t please everyone all of the time. You can’t be everywhere all of the time.

Building a business and establishing a brand is time consuming hard work. Yet when it all flows it’s worth the cost. 

So, don’t give up the legacy and freedom you’re creating. Take these tips and keep making it happen. 

If you have any tips for balancing the biz and family life drop them in the comments and if you know a mompreneur share this blog with her.