Seasoned with Grace

SEASONED-WITH-GRACESentenced to probation, thirty-year-old, supermodel Grace King must put her plans of transitioning into acting to extend the longevity of her career on hold. Desperate to keep a close eye on Grace and his job Grace’s ambitious lawyer, Ethan Summerville has her complete community service in the last place Grace wants to be. His church.
Instead of God, Grace finds a “chocolate drop” of a man–Brother Horace Brown. However, Horace isn’t looking for a supermodel. He wants his woman saved and sanctified, but Grace has never met a man who has been able to resist her. Will Horace compromise his faith for a taste of fortune, fame, and Grace?
While Grace focuses on the pursuit of passion Ethan finds one director willing to take a risk and cast Grace in his debut film, but this role fits Grace all too well. Will this film revive Grace’s relationship with God and her career or bring her closer to destruction?


Seasoned with Grace Preview

Release Date: Juy 28, 2015



Born at Dawn

BORN-AT-DAWN-FRONT  Thirty-four year old Cynthia Barclay knows that marriage is supposed to be for better or for worse. Unfortunately,  for the last ten years of her marriage Cynthia has experienced the worst that marriage has to offer at the hands of her  abusive husband Marvin Barclay. With the hope of saving herself and her family she turns to the Lord. Expecting to  see God manifest himself greatly in her life sooner than later Cynthia is not content just waiting. She wants out.

  Abandoning her hope, her husband, and her two young sons Cynthia boards a bus from New York City to  Richmond, Virginia. She begins a new life armed with six thousand dollars on a prepaid credit card, a sketchy plan for  success, and a promise to return for her sons. That is until she meets Cheo, a photojournalist with enough connections to take her where she wants to be and forget where she came from.

  After six years in Richmond Cynthia’s dark past resurfaces. At the risk of losing it all—her past and her present  Cynthia returns home to right her wrongs. Has Cynthia chosen the right time to return home or is it too late for God  to restore everything she has broken?


     Sample Chapter of Born at Dawn


Advance Praise for Born at Dawn

“Nigeria Lockley’s debut novel reads like a seasoned work of art!” Pat Simmons, author of No Easy Catch and The Guilty Series

 “Author, Nigeria Lockley bridges the struggle of faith, family, and commitment into a well woven quilted novel in which she mends the pieces of broken hearts through trust, loyalty, and assurance in God with flawless effort.” Cassandra Allard-Souter, M.Ed and poet 

 “This has to be the most unpredictable story I have read in quite some time. Each character has their own clear voice and are so engaging.” Blessedselling Author, E.N. Joy of the New Day Divas Series

“In Born at Dawn, Nigeria Lockley’s characters are memorable, exceptional and familiar all at the same time. I’ve read or witnessed some of their stories before, but never has my heart fallen for or become angry with or so concerned about as when I was reading. When I would set the book down, I wanted to pray for Keith’s safety or for Cynthia’s happiness. I had to remind myself I was reading a book. It’s a bittersweet feeling that I won’t run into any of these people on the streets of New York City to ask them if they’re okay and if they lived happily ever after.” M. Skye Holly, Poet and Freelance Writer


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  1. Seasoned with Grace sounds like a good read. I can’t wait to find out if Bro Horace dips into the pool of Grace….woohoo

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