#FridayFinds The Girl Who Lived Behind the Fence by Mary Rodwell

It’s been awhile since I’ve done #FridayFinds, but we’re back and bringing you some good, good books. The Girl Who Lived Behind the Fence is for one of my favorite group of people to work with teens and young adults. It’s summer time and many of them have summer reading logs to complete. I recommend adding this book to the list. 


The Girl Behind the Fence

“Growing up in a high-crime area wasn’t so easy for one young girl named Tutu. She lived behind a fenced in two bedroom house with her parents and four siblings. Tutu had great hope for her family, but things changed once she received some heartbreaking news. As a result, she found herself over the years stepping outside that fence. Tutu was stuck between two ways of living “Hot Pursuit” versus “High Pursuit”. Based on a true story, learn how she changed her life for the good after experiencing death of a loved one, destruction and deceit.”​

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From the Author

author pic
Reason I write in this genre: I believe in helping others become the success story of their environment and not the product. 
Please connect with me on Social Media: Facebook @Authormaryrodwell
Google Plus: Author Mary Rodwell 

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