#MompreneurMonday Transparency: 3 Questions to Ask Before Baring it All

Transparency is a hot ticket word for entrepreneurs and personal brands using social media. As a mompreneur I’m sure you want to build a banging, transformative brand, but you don’t want to look like a messy reality star in the process. 

So, how do you determine which personal battle should be shared and which one remain in the record books? 

Ask yourself these 3 questions to determine how transparent you should need to be:

1️⃣ Can your audience’s life or business be improved by it? 

If they can’t bank off it–build new programs around it, write about it, improve their mindset or work ethic from what you’re about to share then this story probably should remain personal.  Don’t share for shock value or just because you see everyone doing it. 

2️⃣ Have you healed or recovered from the experience yet? 

If it’s too raw sometimes sharing might be therapeutic for you, but in the long run it won’t build up your audience or your bottom line. Instead you’ll wind up looking messy and unprofessional while sharing if you’re still caught up in the heat of things. 

3️⃣ Is suppressing this experience a direct contradiction or in opposition of what you teach? 

If you’re teaching women about finances and your families money is in shambles, girl bye! You better spill the beans ’cause when we find out the truth we are going to demand a refund even if your products work for us. 

How do you determine how transparent you should be with your audience??? 

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