#WriterWednesday March Edition of the Boost Your Brand Challenge 

If you’re anything like I was when I started writing, you were ready to write, ready to see sales, connect with readers, and see some of the action that everyone was saying social media could take me to the next level. 

Only that didn’t happen right away. 
It didn’t happen until I started making an organized concerted effort to Boost My Brand. Now I’m sharing the tools that I used to Boost My Brand. 
Are you tired of having a headache? 
Low engagement and low sales making you doubt your skills or the reason you even started writing?

All the marketing gurus telling you stuff, but not telling you how to implement? 

That means it’s time for you get creative and Boost Your Brand. 
Take control of your branding and marketing efforts while having fun is truly possible. You don’t have to do what I do the way I do it, but you can learn the tips and tricks that have helped me create a thriving author brand. 
“This challenge was so power packed..Nigeria Lockley truly delivered value…no fluff and made me discover ways to boost my author and inspirational brands that I didn’t know before.” Abigaelle Coly, February Boost Your Brand Participant
Doors are now open for the March 17 Ways to Boost Your Brand Challenge. Doors close on the 16th and we start promptly on the 17th. Get in where you fit in and prepare to #GetyourInheritance
Small action leads to big success. Building your author brand, marketing, and promoting it won’t be easy especially when you either do a smattering of things here and there or take huge sweeping actions and then stop. 
I know you just want to write the books; that’s all any of us want to do. However, there’s this moment where writing the books  isn’t enough and you actually want to sell the books. 

Before sales can kickoff you have to tackle brand recognition. If that’s been your struggle then I have something for you. 

The 17 Ways to Boost Your Author Brand in 2017 Challenge. 

Take this 17 Day challenge: 

  • Boost your brand’s visibility. 
  • Increase your brand’s promotional efforts effortlessly.
  • Increase engagement.
  • Increase your brand’s influence and income.

On 3/17 the Challenge kicks off, but you can register now.

That’s low investment of $34 will yield high returns. By Day 2 she had 3 months of content. 

3 Months of Content 😲😲😲
Blog content being written and published. Immediately!
I gave her a road map for her funnel.
Transform your mindset about promoting and marketing your brand. 
Branding and marketing doesn’t have to give you a headache. 
Searching for and connecting with your ideal audience shouldn’t feel like attending a series of several bad blind dates. 
Stop feeling under dressed for the occasion.

Jump in and take the challenge. Click here to take the 17 Ways to Boost Your Brand in 2017 Challenge
When you sign up for the Brand Challenge you will gain access to my secret group Make Your Mark. 
I hope to see you on the 17th. 

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