New YA RELEASE: Kendall’s Secret by Nora Bellow

So, I’m not the only author with a book beng released today and I’m spreading the love. Please check out another new book in stores and on shelves today.


Kendall’s Secret – A New YA Release by Nora Ballew

The town of Waterville, Pennsylvania is home to Kendall Ross and her friends, Justin, Hannah, Alex, Megan and Owen. Together, they are JOY, the first youth praise band their church has ever had. “Kendall’s Secret,” the first in The Praise Band Series, is available now on

From the back cover:

Kendall’s world revolves around her family, the church youth band, and an endless stream of text messages with her friends… until a tragic accident claims her sister’s life and leaves Kendall carrying a painful secret. Her mother, her friends, even the police don’t know what really happened that fateful night on Crooked Hill Road.

Shattered by grief and tortured by her memories, Kendall knows if she tells the truth, she may never be forgiven. But if she doesn’t, someone else will face certain persecution. Will she ever find the courage to reveal how one choice, one word, changed everything?

From the author:

Everybody does it. That’s the battle cry of the teenager, and sometimes it is all too true. Kendall didn’t do anything that her friends and even her mom and other adults weren’t doing. That’s why Kendall didn’t seriously worry about texting while driving. It wasn’t really that big of deal, was it? Perhaps not. Until that last one, that last message that changed Kendall’s life forever and ended Hayley’s. Read her story for just 99 cents until July 31, 2015!

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