#WriterWednesday : Find the Love

This week Writer’s Wednesday comes from the Neophyte Author and is inspired by V-Day.

Writing is a craft that takes dedication and when you mix in social media, marketing, and trying to balance all the other stuff in your life sometimes the love gets lost. 

This week I not only recommend but I challenge you to find the love. Look through your old journals and writing notebooks. Go sit in the park (if it isn’t freezing where you are) or take a trip to the art museum and let the paintings become the inspiration for a scene or poem. Выбор любовь (choice love). Концепция изменения выбора

Find the love of your craft. Stop working. Stop grinding. Just love the words, honor that tap-tap sound of the keyboard, and dogeared page of your journal. 

Read the words aloud and love them. 

Find the love and after you find it share a line or two from the work that you currently in love with. 

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