Hello December: Time for Introspection

December is probably the only month I really celebrate and take time to get lost in my thoughts. Why? Because it is the end of everything and the beHello December sign with clouds and sky backgroundginning of everything. The final month on our calendar gives birth to the New Year and that newness is sealed within me. I was born in December, so my life began this month, however I was born on the last day of the month. I think that was the Lord’s way of creatively telling me that the end is the beginning. 

What does that mean for the rest of you and why am I dragging you into this?

By December most people are either counting down the days until the New Year begins or trying to savor every moment left of a joyous year. They’re anticipating the moment that they get to start afresh and put the misery of the year behind them or trying to figure out how to duplicate or multiply the success of the year. 

You don’t have to wait until January to do that. Begin today by, considering your ways, as the prophet Haggai, suggested. What did you do to contribute to your development this year? Has your focus only been outward while your inner man perishes? Have you run around sowing and planting without actually reaping? There is a remedy for this, “thus saith the Lord of hosts; Consider your ways.”

What can you do at this point, we’re already in December, right? Wrong. 

The end is only the beginning and the end isn’t set by man or marked by a calendar–time is prescribed and measured by God and today He’s giving us time for introspection, the opportunity to revise the end of this chapter and setup a brilliant start for the next chapter.

What behavior will you hold onto as we enter into the close of 2014? Which of your ways will you work on getting rid of just in time to start the New Year off?

Consider your ways.


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