Pathways to Your Passion: If You Mean to do This Find a Mentor

There is nothing new under the sun, so regardless of how original your point of view is or how groundbreaking your idea or business concept is there is someone who else who has already charted the landscape and can guide you through the process.

If you mean to live out your passion, if you believe you’re meant to do this then one step you have to take on the Pathway to Your Passion is to find a mentor. You might seek out thisMentoring - Golden Key. mentor in a traditional way or you may be blessed with one that is appointed to you like Paul and Timothy. God linked them to each other and the younger in the faith learned from his predecessor how to lead, how to worship, and how to serve through his appointed position. 

The same holds true for us all whether you bake cakes, write books, or work in the court of law. The passion inside of you that calls you to your profession is an appointment that is divinely anointed and full of growing pains, challenges, and a multitude of options. One of the best ways to navigate through all of this is to find someone who has arrived at the other side of their passion, who is walking boldly, and occupying their territory. 

Depending on the profession your passion leads you in there may be organizations already set up that will help you find a mentor for example, educators may consult their local union or the American Federation of Teachers, doctors can consult the American Academy of Family Physicians if their school doesn’t offer a mentoring program, but us creative folks have to think outside of the box. Attend a conference where you’ll have the opportunity to reach out to others in your profession. Establish a connection with the person you’d like to mentor you and simply ask them. It can be as official or as flexible as you deem, but that relationship is necessary for growth, guidance, and help as you walk the Pathway to Your Passion.

At the 2012 Faith and Fiction Retreat with Michelle Stimpson
At the 2012 Faith and Fiction Retreat with Michelle Stimpson

My mentor is my unofficial mentor, I reached out to her a few years ago for some advice and I haven’t stopped since then. This week as she walked me through an issue I was struggling with both in my professional and personal life it occurred to me how essential the relationship I have with her is to me reaching the other side of my passion. In the Bible there are plenty of examples of the necessity of having a mentor, a leader, a guide to show you how to operate in the Spirit and use your gifts. When I think of the impact that Michelle Stimpson’s work and words have had on me I feel like Elisha, and all I want is for God to give me a double portion of the anointing that is in her, on her, and working through her. 

Find the Elijah of your passion–the one who is doing it greatly and glorifying God and follow him or her. See you on the other side of your passion. 

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