Fighting with the First Person (FYI This is Not a How To)

I got into a fight this week. Not a knockdown drag out brawl more like an artistic affray. I just began working on a novella, entitled Tempted to Touch. Now my heart’s desire is to write this piece in third person. Do you think the protagonist, Kira Seagram is allowing me to do that? No, that would be too much like right (I don’t know why these people in my head are always acting up).

You would think after writing two novels a novella ought to be a piece of cake, but with Kira trying to tell the story herself I don’t know what to do with myself. Third person narration works for me as a writer. It’s great to know and share what everyone in the room is thinking and feeling. First person won’t allow me to do that. As the author I know the characters, but Kira doesn’t. First person will limit what I can reveal and when. First person means Kira has to become my new confidante. I like being allegiance free. Do you see the limitations here? Do you see the struggle?storytelling word in wood type

My first instinct was to do what I know, but then where is the growth for me as a writer and for my characters? There is none. So, now I’m on a mission to get through Tempted to Touch. Of course, this isn’t something that I can do alone. After sitting in front of my computer screen and praying for some divine intervention I also looked up some great articles on point of view to help me get over my fear of sounding trite and redundant (I sat, I walked, I thought, I. I. I). Sentence structure and lyricism are always heavy on my mind. I don’t think I’m completely over my fear, I’m still trying to figure out how I can manage to squeeze in a chapter or two in the third person (pray for me). However, I’m still typing. 

Writer’s what’s your favorite point of view to use in your writing? Readers, which point of view do you prefer and why?


Links to the articles I read for anyone else who, like me is embroiled in a battle with the first person:

First Person or Third

First Person Point of View

Me, Myself, and I: Writing First Person Point of View

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