Nigeria Lockley

A new voice in the world of Christian Fiction

Blessed in the City. Blessed in the Country.


I’m taking this show on the road and I just had to share the news with my people. I will be at the National Black Book Festival in Houston, Texas on October 23-25, 2014.

photoHouston might not be the country, but it’s new territory and I’m certainly taking my God, His love, and open arms with me to receive all that He will bless me with as I venture forth with my budding literary career. I plan to share the gospel of grace and God’s unfailing love, my testimony, and my debut novel Born at Dawn.

I pray I gain new friends, new readers, and supporters.

I’m growing and I’m going to see the glory of God revealed in all that I do.

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2 thoughts on “Blessed in the City. Blessed in the Country.

  1. I may just be able to attend this one because I’m moving to Texas this summer! So hopefully I will see you there!

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